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We are happy to be a supporting sponsor of independent artists.
Savannah Taylor is the owner and artist behind Savannah Taylor Studios. Savannah spent most of her life in the drizzle and gray of Seattle. Several years after earning her Bachelor’s of
Fine Art from Pacific Lutheran University, she relocated to the gorgeous island of Oahu. Among other artistic outlets, she was inspired to dive into the world of colorist expressionism through the medium of alcohol inks. Immediately grasped by the
transformative and therapeutic nature of the painting process, she fell in love with the medium. The colors, how they move and change, the vibrancy of the pigments; it was the perfect vehicle to express her interpretation of her consciousness, the world, and other peoples’ energies through color.  

As a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur and life coach for soul-centered artists, Savannah loves to inspire those around her to follow their dreams and step into alignment with their higher selves by leading by example. Savannah's paintings are an expression of memories, soul connections, and her journey through discovering her greater purpose and the courage to go after her dreams.

For more beautiful artwork by Savannah Taylor visit: 
Ways to use The Origami Bag 
Fold instructions 1Fold instructions 2Fold instructions 3

All-in-one picnic
Use your tote to carry your picnic...then use it as the picnic blanket!

Park play blanket
A handy blanket for your little ones for playtime in the park

Why not wear it? Use the heavy crepe fabric as a shawl or scarf when the weather turns.

Wrap it up
Your present will stand out wrapped in the printed tote fabric...and becomes a present in itself!