Wool Bee Bag with Large Bee Bar and Lip Butter Gift Set - SoREALa
The Perfect Gift! Hand crafted by some lovely and talented ladies in Nepal, these wool bags are "the bees knees!" The wool is boiled and dyed, cut and stitched into these sturdy little zippered purses. A great gift alone, or you can purchase it filled with a Large Bee Bar and Lip Butter. They can be purchased in the following fragrance/flavor combinations.
  • Spring Meadow & Peppermint
  • Vanilla & Vanilla Almond
  • Hawaiian & Mango
  • Lavender & Raspberry Lemonade
  • Sweet Honey & Raspberry Pomegranate
  • Natural & Natural
  • Citrus & Tangerine

If you would like to change the fragrance of Bee Bar or the flavor of Lip Butter just make that known in the Notes at checkout.

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